Glitter Eyes

This is a great look for the forthcoming party season.  Glitter comes in all shapes and sizes so be creative and have a go!

You will need:

  • Glitter large
  • Glitter fine
  • Graftobian Magic Set
  • Liner brush

Once the eyeshadow has been applied the mascara and false lashes.  It is then time for the glitters.

  1. Tip a few drops of Graftobian Magic Set in to a small pot or palette.
  2. Dip the brush in to the liquid. Gently apply the liquid to the eyeline where you want the glitter to go. The client should be looking downwards whilst it is applied to the upper lid.
  3. I like to work with contrasting colours so you can choose if you want to apply the fine or large glitter first, its up to you!
  4. I like to apply a darker colour near the lash line and then apply a brighter colour glitter above it.
  5. Extend the eye shape outwards and upwards by creating a glitter 'flick'
  6. They must not look upwards until it is dry, and this can take a couple of minutes.

Whilst the client is looking straight ahead you can apply the glitter to the under eye, beneath the lashes. For a very sparkly party look, apply a tiny amount of Magic Set to the lashes and gently pat on a glitter colour of your choice.  
this really does look amazing in a club and gets lots of attention!

Top Tip:  Dont use too much Magic Set - it will run down the face and take ages to dry.  Less is definitely better!  It is the best product I have found for working with glitters and sequins, rhinestones etc.  It is great on very sensitive skins and is an absolute must have for your kit.