Graftobian HD Crème Global Corrector Super Palette 1.78 oz. Graftobian

These shades are perfect for adjusting the hue of virtually any colour. For artists who like to be in complete control of blending and customising colours, this palette is an essential kit item. Our Global Colour Correction Collection addresses the unique needs of all skin tones and is a very convenient way for an artist to arrive prepared to correct and conceal any skin discolouration, as well as the ability to fully contour any face.


Foundation shades are: Lady Fair, Yellow Highlight, Sunrise Flush, Extra Highlight, Pink Highlight, Soft Orange, Muted Green, Red Neutralizer, Soft Orange Neutral II, Deep Red Neutralizer, Evening Mist, Soft Wisp, Deep Muted Green, Caramel, Deep Golden Highlight, Burnt Orange, Hazelnut and Hidden Magic.




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